Something Like Magic

A favorite song from childhood on the rental car radio, 
slips sideways through your rib cage, piercing the heart. 
Ripping it open.
Alone at a stoplight, you simultaneously want to laugh and smile and yell and cry- 
for your own sorry self and for all humanity.

A computer has ideas made up of Ones and Zeros.
A computer looks out the window, and all it sees are Ones and Zeros. 
All a computer ever wants to talk about are Ones and Zeros,
and if you want to talk about something else, a computer will quickly lose interest.

The quantum computer is different.  
The quantum computer has ideas made up of Ones and Zeros also, 
but its Ones and Zeros are much, much tinier, 
and its Ones can be Zeros at the very same moment they're Ones. 

The Quantum computer can also communicate with other Ones and Zeros across the room or across time or even across the universe, 
and we have absolutely no idea how this is possible. 
The thought of it kept Einstein up at night.  

Inside a box, inside the quantum computer, human beings have created the coldest place in the observable universe. 
The quantum computer likes it this way. This is the only way the quantum computer can think about things.
The quantum computer will also think differently if you are watching it, 
so you have to turn around and talk about something else.

Scientists theorize that birds navigate long distances by feeling the earths magnetic field, 
maybe because of a special part of their brain that can communicate with far away things, 
in ways we can't begin to understand. 

Yesterday a room full of scientists asked the quantum computer for the meaning of life, 
and it played them a short video of a Siamese cat falling off of a table. 

Then they asked the quantum computer for a joke and it said:
"Every hair on your head is a message from the universe."

Jacob Palmer