Midland, Texas (1988)

I was a little boy living with my poor parents in an apartment complex in Texas

I was warned to stay away from the apartment of Papa Smurf

I remember seeing him once. He was standing in his doorway and looked like a cartoon devil with a black goatee. He was wearing a blue turtleneck or maybe I just dreamed all of that

A "devil worshiper" I always imagined his apartment was completely dark with the windows blacked out cluttered with trash, brown shag carpet, maybe vinyl Smurf figurines on small shelves

A blonde boy my age in the apartment complex visited Papa Smurf often. It was his mother's friend I remember hearing. 

That same boy tried to kiss me once when we were playing and in anger and confusion I beat him up and sent him home crying. 

Strangely, I don't remember ever seeing that little blonde boy again or ever hearing about Papa Smurf again. it was like they both vanished that same summer afternoon.

I read yesterday that scientists have found evidence of bruises left on our universe from bumping into other universes.

Jacob Palmer