An Interview With Creative Growth Artist William Scott (excerpt)


This is an excerpt from my forthcoming collection of philosophical inquiries: I Am Not Supposed To Talk About Anything That Is Unreal.  - Philosophical Explorations Within the Creative Growth Community

Can money buy happiness?
- Yeah, they can buy happiness, the money buys happiness. 

Do we have a soul? 
- No soul. No, no. 

Will robots ever be as smart as humans?
- No robots, just real people. Wholesome People who bring people's live's back. Brings people's live's back... 

Do aliens exist? 
- No, there are Wholesome People. Wholesome Citizens... The Wholesome People. They are starting friendly organizations. They are a new science fiction of Wholesome People. No aliens, just Wholesome People.

Why do we dream at night? 
- Dreams about good people. To see people inside their heads..... of the good memory. Seeing people inside their heads, the good memory, it's very important like that. That's very important. Wholesome memory is healthy. 

How did the universe begin?
- It started in 2017. It will start in 2017. It starts soon-er. Yeah... Diana Ross with a Wholesome Woman... Yeah... Wholesome Diana Ross.

Do you think the Universe has an end?
- Universe is forever. Wholesome is forever. Wholesome are men and women of steel. Wholesome Encounters. Wholesome People. 

Where will you go after you die?
- You go to another life, another universe. To be back in the 1970's again.. another life. To start all over again. A better universe. 

Is it wrong to buy expensive food when other people are homeless and hungry?
- I think that's bad, you gotta buy cheaper ones. Cheaper. 

Is it ever OK to break the law?
- No, don't break the law NoNoNoNoNo Never break the law, No. Because, you can go to jail for breaking the law. You can go to jail for that. That's a felony charge. That's a felony chaaarrrrrrge (laughs)

Are there other universes? 
- Yes. Like Inner Skyline. Opportunity Space. Five Universes. The other one's are better. Like a better world with no war, no violence, no killin, no evils. Inner Limits is a good people, it creates good people. Inner Limits is good people, brings peoples lives back from the dead. Five universes, each one is better. This universe is One. Inner Limits is the name of Skyline People. Just like here but better. They put people back alive.

Can we visit these other universes?
- Yes. Get on the Citizen Ship. Visit the Citizen World. Like the same people, like the place. The same people, Wholesome People. Yeah...

Do they have Halloween there? 
- It's better... It's better. They have good masks.

Jacob Palmer